Web Applications &
Database-Driven Websites

If you’ve got a complex function your Website now needs to perform, give us a call. Needing to leverage a database? We know when Access, SQL or MySQL is the right answer. Want to grow your customer database from your Website? We know how to do that.

Here are some examples of complex Website programming we’ve completed.

  • Data-base driven, online templates generating ads for an online listing services
  • Complex forms with multiple paths to completion
  • Time-driven inventory system for online reservations
  • Online forms that drive email campaigns directed at elected officials
  • Visitor managed online business directories
  • Patent-pending event calendar system with Instant Event Fliers

In short, we speak English, but do geek, or even ultra-geeky work. Because you really do want to have it both ways (great communication and great programming).

So give us a call.