Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Feb 17, 2014 Dave Tedlock

SEO Analysis
If you are concerned about your search engine ranking, we can consult with you and provide you with an SEO analysis that details the steps required to improve your ranking and increase your site visitors.

A Systematic Approach to Search Engine Optimization
At NetOutcomes, we believe that SEO work is legitimate and vital.  Effective SEO requires hard work, attention to detail and a well-coordinated effort. We take a systematic, prioritized approach to Search Engine Optimization, with over 60 separate steps required in Phase One alone.
We also believe that some companies that provide SEO services are deceptive in their work and in the long run can endanger or ruin your search engine ranking.

SEO Firms Can Get Your Site Black Listed
Search Engine Optimization was born quickly, and with it, a service sector with misinformation and deception.  Today, some SEO firms guarantee that they will provide your organization with top ranking results.  These firms guarantee they’ll get you on page one of results or better yet, the top listing, every time. Their techniques, they say, are secretive and proprietary, so they can’t possibly tell you how they’re going to do it.

The fact is that no firm can guarantee results without taking steps that search engines ultimately detect and penalize your site for using.   In the worst case, an organization pays an SEO firm thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars and the result is that the “optimized” site is black listed by Google and Yahoo!

Before SEO
In the 90’s, organizations of all sizes focused their Website resources on content and functionality that they believed would attract visitors to their websites.  The “visitors” everyone had in mind were people, of course, or more accurately, computers being used by people.  At NetOutcomes, we created our first Websites for clients before Google existed, and we know the difference between creating a site for people to visit and creating a site for robots to visit.

In 2010, the world’s two major search engines – Google and Yahoo! – have become so vital to supplying Website visitors that organizations have begun to realize that just making a Website appeal to people is not enough.  Websites must also get high marks from the robots that Google and Yahoo! send out, 24-hours-a-day, to index and analyze billions of Websites.