Ten Reasons Every Lawyer Should Care About Avvo

One. Lawyers get clients from Avvo.  That’s a fact. Surveys of new clients show that some prospective clients learn what they feel they need to know from Avvo and call a lawyer right then. Some may not even visit your website.

Two. If you’re thinking that prospective clients can distinguish the difference between Avvo and your listing on Lawyers.com, you’re wrong.  To most people Avvo’s just as reliable a source of information as any other online directory of lawyers.  To many prospective clients, Avvo may be more trusted than your own website, with one exception

Three. Avvo has an impact because you can get reviewed on Avvo without even knowing it.  Worse yet, people can post “reviews” of you without having necessarily become an actual client.  So Avvo reviews matter, sooner or later you’ll get a bad one, so your goal should be to stockpile great reviews there to offset the inevitable, dissatisfied reviewer.

Special note: Prospects probably trust reviews on your website as much as they trust the reviews on Avvo. Research shows that today people trust online reviews as much as they trust a referral from a friend, and up to 90% of your prospects will check you out online before they even call your office.

Four. Right now, you’ve already been rated on Avvo.  When you check that out, you may very well find that an inferior lawyer, by all professional standards, has a higher Avvo rating than you do.  Why?  Avvo ratings depend in part on how complete your information is.  Avvo scrapes up information about you and plunks it on your listing there, but it’s nearly always incomplete.

Five. The information about you on Avvo may also be incorrect.  You’ll want to make sure it’s right.

Six. Unless you have someone upload a digital photo of you, Avvo’s going to show you a generic illustration of what you look like.  Who would you call – a lawyer with a photo there or a lawyer with a generic illustration?

Seven. Your competitors may be beating you on Avvo.  They’ve got game, you don’t.

Eight. Avvo lists lawyers by rating, so if yours is low, a prospect would have to scroll a very long way down the page to find you.

Nine. Avvo is free – at least the basic listing is free for you to claim. You should.

Ten. Every lawyers marketing plan should be complete. Like it or not, Avvo’s part of the mix.  Just add a few hours of effort, and stir.

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