Strategic Domain Name Acquisition

Address, Positioning Statement, Marketing Turf

As your Website address, your domain name(s) have an impact on convenience, branding, market positioning, Search Engine Optimization (SE0) and more.

In addition to being memorable, easy to say over the phone, and short enough to fit on a business card, you can use domain names to build brands, protect marketing territory and prevent confusion between your organization and a competitor’s. We can help.

Own & Use the Right Domain Names

We consult with you on which domain names you can do without, which ones you have to have and how to use them for maximum impact.

Register Domain Names Correctly

The companies who register ownership of domain names are called registrars. There are thousands of Registrars and resellers of domain names throughout the United States and worldwide.

NetOutcomes is not a registrar or a reseller. The domain name registrar we recommend – Network Solutions – is proven, professional and typically provides tech support from its offices in Pennsylvania. As a Network Solutions Affiliate Partner, we can often get discounted domain name registration and/or discounted Web hosting for our clients from Network Solutions.

For help with a strategic domain name issue, give us a call: (520) 631-4381.